Our Principal

Registered Foreign Lawyer (PRC): Grace Chiu Sui Wun

Grace has obtained the practising license issued by the Department of Justice of Guangdong since 2009 and has been selected as one of the leading talent foreign-related lawyers in Guangdong Province and certified as a leading latent foreign-related lawyer in Shenzhen.

She has a high level of proficiency in Putonghua, Cantonese, and English and her specialised areas of practice include: -

 Corporate Law
Grace has been acting as a legal consultant for more than a decade, and she has extensive knowledge and practical experience in dealing with matters related to corporate law. Her in-depth understanding of business management, outstanding communication skills, and strong decision-making abilities have helped many listed companies, medium to large businesses, multinational corporations, and Hong Kong enterprises. She has also rich experience in the field of film and media, and provides legal services for the development of the media industry and the film and television industry.

 Mergers & Restructuring
Grace’s legal services extend to equity mergers, privatization of listed companies, drafting of overseas business contracts, business negotiation, and development planning. In addition, Grace specialises in legal matters relating to investment, mergers & acquisitions, asset restructuring, asset disposal, company listing, and intellectual property. She has been engaged to advise on various issues, including business expansion in China, financing arrangement, intellectual property structuring, foreign exchange, customs, and regulatory affairs in China.

 Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, & Arbitration
Grace is experienced in handling disputes resolution involving foreign and Hong Kong parties. Her services cover business disputes, contract disputes, intellectual property, debt settlement, and debt restructuring.  Her expertise also extends to martial, family and inheritance law, etc.

 Property Law, real estate transactions
Grace is also familiar with property law and real estate transactions and do provide real estate companies with one-stop services, offering legal assistance regarding planning, investment, financing, development, sales, lease, etc.